Educational Facilities

SteraMist being used at a Daycare

Children are unaware of their potential to carry and pass pathogens. Pro-active administrators and dedicated educators are at the front lines of the battle against the spread of infectious disease at schools. By working in tandem with Encore Environmental, educational facilities are protected against lost attendance and parental complaints as well as outbreaks. Offering a completely Green Technology, Encore can provide service that can be applied after school hours allowing students and faculty to return to school the next morning. Leaving behind only oxygen and water residue, ionized Hydrogen Peroxide is very safe. Being listed as a class IV irritant. (Class IV is the lowest irritant rating meaning non-toxic and no Signal Word such as Warning, Caution or Harmful if Swallowed, etc. required.) Facilities that partner with Encore can now reassure parents with 100% confidence that their children’s school has taken preventative or corrective action using the most effective superbug and virus killer available. The dichotomy of the Activated Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide treatment boggles the mind; something so powerful it can eradicate anthrax but is completely environmentally friendly.

Encore uses a  technology that applies cold plasma activation to a low percentage hydrogen peroxide- based solution to create a mist which does not damage electronics and computers. Activated Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide provides fast acting, broad-spectrum decontamination, and leaves no residue or noxious fumes. The environmentally friendly characteristics ensure safety of students and faculty, while providing maximum decontamination to both air and surfaces. A must-have plan to have in place after a meningitis or mononucleosis event.