Preventative Care

We know that dealing with biodecontamination issues usually isn’t at the top of your priority list unless you’re operating in a highly regulated industry or faced with an emergency situation. But the reality is, cross contamination and the spread of harmful contamination is increasing in just about every industry.

Coupled by the fact that drug resistant microorganisms are compounding our attempt to protect ourselves, we’re now forced to start looking at better solutions in order to protect our health and our organizations’ financial well being from the devastating effects of biological contamination.

Let Encore help reduce your exposure to harmful contamination wherever it resides schedule routine decontamination.

Click here to schedule your routine Decontamination

Click here to schedule your routine Decontamination

  • Preventative or scheduled bio-burden reduction
  • Equipment decontamination prior to transfer or maintenance
  • Commissioning of new or renovated facilities
  • Decommissioning of facilities and equipment
  • Post annual maintenance or plant shut down decontamination
  • Product or animal colony change driven decontamination