Health Care

Every news cycle reports of a new superbug that causes panic and leads to loss of time and patient space while healthcare facilities attempt pre-cautionary or corrective procedures. Partnering with Encore ensures that patients receive the newest, most potent whole room disinfecting technology available today. We adhere to the common testing procedures for disinfection. Efficacy is verified by inactivation of 6-log Geobacillusstearothermophilus biological indicators, the same method used to validate steam sterilizers/autoclaves. Encore safely and effectively eradicates bacteria, viruses and spores. Activated Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide has a quick and high kill level, leaves no residue, is not affected by humidity, is not caustic, has a shorter treatment time and converts to oxygen and water, which differentiates us from our competition.

According to the CDC, Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI) cost the healthcare industry $36 – $45 Billion dollars annually.  Additionally, it has been documented that approximately 10% of in-patients contract infections resulting in more than 2,000,000 illnesses and over 100,000 deaths per annum. Further, approximately 15% of all discharged patients are re-admitted with infections, which among other ramifications results in the healthcare facility becoming financially penalized. According to published studies, even while performing at the highest level of due diligence, current cleaning procedures leave behind between 30%-60% of microorganisms depending upon the process, thus increasing the risk of acquiring a HAI. Our results speak for themselves. Healthcare facilities already implement some system of tracking infection rates, we invite you to compare the results after Encore has treated a portion of your facility. Rest assured that Activated Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide will cause infection rates to plummet.